Can you Get Auto Loans after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Get Auto Loans After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Car being a necessity for several finds a special place in the lives of the people. Whether one is bankrupt or doesn’t have sufficient finances to purchase a car, people insist on owning one as it helps them commute safely and independently without having to depend on anyone. There are several who file for bankruptcy and still are in need of car loans to purchase a car. They are the ones who look out banks that offer auto loans after chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are multiple banks and lenders who are ready to help out but one has to think twice before taking the plunge.


While thinking of purchasing a car after chapter 7, here are a few tips that are likely to help you come to a better conclusion. 

  • Decide on the type of car – Purchasing an expensive car that is new would make you avail a large amount as loan which isn’t something right to do especially when you have declared yourself bankrupt. Purchasing a used car or a less expensive car while applying for car loans during chapter 7 bankruptcy can sort the problem.
  • Heal your credit score – It is important to ensure the fact that your credit score is healed and nothing that allows the banks and lenders to raise an eyebrow. While getting a car loan after chapter 7, one is expected to have a high credit score or else there are chances of the interest rates to go high and thus inviting trouble for you. Ask for new car loan rates 84 months if you are looking for lower interest rates.
  • Check the banks well – Going to any random bank that comes your way for car financing after chapter 7 would be the best thing to do. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand their terms and conditions and whether they would help you given the financial condition that you have post bankruptcy. Asking for new car loan rates 84 months from each one of them after submitting the necessary documents would allow you to avail the best rates from the banks and lenders. Comparing and choosing the right bank with their rates is easy provided you invest time in coming to a conclusion. 


For further information on buying a car after chapter 7 bankruptcy, one can log on to

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